Like Trains & Taxis at Trash Bar 3/4/09

When Like Trains and Taxis appeared there was something about them that didn’t gel for me.

I noticed the lead singer/keyboardist (whom I suspect is also the songwriter and the force behind the band) when he came in. He was snappily dressed, if a tad stylized.

As they started to play the music,  his personality shone through. He was bright, bubbly and believed in his songs. Hey, his outfit fit the sound down to the ground.

The problem for me was the music didn’t seem to fit the base grunginess of the trash bar. Their songs reminded me of Sesame Street. But Elmo rather than Oscar the Grouch. Maybe it was the lack of dope smoke in the room or the fact that open bar had ended but this band didn’t really do it for me on this fine eve.

There was nothing wrong with the music. I found myself infected by the last song by Mr. Elmo’s upbeat tunes and happy voice. But it didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the band. In my opinion the drummer and guitarist were dressed for rehearsal and that made them jar against the singer’s style. With this kind of music, image is a big part of getting the audience into their space and perhaps if the others had been more Sesame Street or Avenue Q and played in that old school band way then I would have bought into it.

The act here is as important as the music. Make it happen. That been said, I’ll totally check you out again but don’t count on me trucking across town or paying steep covers for yo’asses.

The Neil Diamond seal of approval rating? 2 out of 5 stars.


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