Beta Beta @Trash Bar 3/4

beta beta, another pilfered pic. mr. neil did not manage to take photos of this band.

by LLI

Beta Beta was the last band of the night and it seemed they were more of a bridge between bands rocking-it on stage at Trash Bar and when the stage morphs into the hottest karaoke night on the south side of Williamsburg.

Beta Beta was simply stated. A girl with a mic and a DJ on the side of the stage.

As they were setting up I heard the girl (Adeline) call out to the sound board she was waiting for her laptop to boot up. Cool I thought, what are these cats gonna do? They finally started and she began careening softly into the mic, reminding me of an electronically music inspired Liz Phair.

Yes, Liz. (Oh Liz! I thought that I had lost you in the 90’s but now, just like Amazing Grace, have been found. Of course, this time you’re Asian and have a DJ not a band…) Wait, where was I? Oh, yes…

Adeline was a solo force and the front runner of this show. She stood alone under a spotlight, facing a crowd that had drastically thinned (due to open bar ending and it being a school night). I sensed a nervousness and self-consciousness in the first few songs. She stood close to the mic, clutching it throughout the performance in a way that made me want to know what she was thinking, and that drew me in, it made me want to know.

The DJ in the corner (Parizit) kept it real by not letting the beats stop and soon she began to open up. She shed that kind of self-awareness that comes with suddenly realizing you’ve been thrust under a spotlight in a room full of strangers and melded with her music.

They were a fun duo and worked well with each other. Gracefully flowing from song to song, it seemed as if the old saying of ‘practice makes perfect’ carries some truth behind it. I give them props for doing their thing, as humbly as they did it just felt right and they came through with some serious modern force. Performing to inspire and inspire they did.

Drag the mouse over the pic to link to their page and have a listen to their music!

Neil Diamond seal of approval 2.5 stars out of 5, and an “A” for Awesome Effort!


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