The Trash Bar 256 Grand St.


by LLI

I don’t know if this review should be under Tucker or Trucker!


You think I jest you with this riddle, but “no!” you noble laureate I speak the truth!

The Trash Bar is actually filled up with tons and tons of real truck seats! They also have car seats, one seaters (the bucket) as well as the 3-seater (known as the bench seat) lining all the walls of the place. It’s great! I often go around and sit in the different styles of seats and re-live the glory days of my youth when I would be picked up and ported around town for free by my parents and my friends’ parents. I mean how cool were those days! We didn’t even know. Now-a-days it’s black cars or cabs that cost $$ and don’t have as cool seats.

Trash Bar also has lots of other things like a pool table, live bands and top shelf liquor. But don’t get too carried away and thinking you’re at the ritz, because around 10:00 pm, the fryer comes on and the tater tots come out! Along with a many other fine bar food selections. The smell stays with you so, if you just got a hot blow-out I suggest either some dry shampoo or perfume spray or another bar. Same advice goes for guys, if you are trying to tie one on and then make a bootie call and hit it with your lady of the evening, she may not wanna nuzzle you neck when you smell like you just got off shift at Micky-D’s. No offense to the place or the offerings of the fryer. I am just giving ya’ll the 411.

Trash Bar is great spot to go on those days when you miss driving and want to grub on greasy food and imbibe in some cocktails. Definitely an all are welcome spot. If you are feeling swankier, want to avoid the greasy post trash hook-up or even just want to rock your trucker hat to a fancier location head across the street to Larry Lawrence to get your Martini on! I am a fan of both places and find that generally anything on South Grand street is vibeing. More reviews to come. Please stand-by.


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