About Mr. Neil’s Blog

This blog was created because we wanted to fill that aching void between singing in the shower  and being the next big thing that gets noticed by all those hoity music magazines (and I say hoity, because I’m not getting paid by the bastards).

And not just music, but food, events, art shows, bars, the places and people that make living in Brooklyn (and I suppose, the rest of NYC) so great.

In all seriousness, there is some amazing talent in this neck of the old woods, and it’s Mr. Neil’s duty to bring that to the attention of the masses (that would be you!). We want you to get off your butt and go bless yourself by checking out these bands, shows, eating and drinking holes.

We will be adding more as we go along, so keep coming back to check on in with us…

And when you do come and check in on Mr. Neil’s doings about town, make sure you check out the picks in cool bands and excellent sites. This way you can sneak peak some talent we haven’t reviewed but love, and talent we have and love…and you can get the jump start on their next gig. We’ll see you there.


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  1. Hi mr neil, i’m located nowhere remotely near–other side of the home world; anyway found the link to you via filthyboys and what the heck…i’m hoping you’ll get bored enough to lsiten to some of my songs? Any feedback is very welcome.
    Cheers Yi aka the submarine man

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