Hello world!

Well, hello, everyone and everything.

This is Mr. Neil here. Mr. Neil loves all sorts of things, including quirky events, music (especially Neil Diamond!), eating, drinking, reading, and maybe even rock climbing (but only after an apple, thyme and vanilla Martini – Mr. Neil read about those today and is most excited…).

So! If you’re a musician/band, have a restaurant, a book you’ve written, a blog, a bar, club or some event you want to promote, let us know. Mr. Neil would love to do a review and let the world (at least NYC, but Mr. Neil is most definitely not opposed to travelling to all kinds of glamorous and exotic locales, especially if there is some kind of glittery aspect involved…).

If you want to send us an invite or a book or cd to review, contact us at mr.neil.nyc@gmail.com, or leave us a comment.

Leave us a comment, anyway, we love comments.

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