Mr Macy Walks Alone – PT Walkley

another pilfering from someone's website. oh, when will it ever stop?by DJW

PT Walkley emerged from the Twitterverse and presented me with his new album along with the words “so proud of new album” (hey, twitter makes you tres frugal with words). And I must say, after listening to it, so he most definitely should be.

Mr Macy Walks Alone is like a complex novel or a poem, as in not only is it a concept album (one of those old fashioned things where the whole thing is like a story arc or at the very least, interconnected songs) that takes us on a journey, but it offers something new, deeper, more vulnerable and exhilariting and exposed at each listen.

For me, the most recent album like this is Kate Bush’s Ariel (which is brilliant).

It’s a strange and risky move, this whole making of a concept/story album. Yes, it’s a step back into nostalgia (if we can say the 60s et al, are nostalgic? Oh, my, why do I have the feeling we can? I know it’s not the drugs…) but it’s also done here and now, in a time when the masses have basically the attention span of a gnat.

However, like any good story, whether it be in bookish, film or music format, the good story will always shine through. Talent shines through.

And the beauty of music is you can choose to listen to it unfold as this artist wanted it to be, or you can jump around, listen and decide which songs you like and which ones you’re not so moved by, like you do on any album.

One thing, though, on the talented Indie stuff I’ve been listening to, is there is usually not much filler like on the (now dying) commercial offerings. You may not like something because it strikes a chord within you, but you are almost always left with that feeling of ‘it’s not my particular cup of tea, but it’s certainly very talented tea’. And yes there are a few songs on this album that really don’t do it for me.

However, I do find those songs sliding into their rightful place when I listen to the album yet again. In a concept piece, like a novel, like a jigsaw, they all have their place and they all work in a symbiotic way.

I think you definitely should give PT Walkley a listen or two.

There is a not-quite-folksy feel, a definite psychadelic 60s groove, a skittering of the Beatles, just for good measure. There’s even a hint of rag time in a couple of songs! Vocally he reminds me of Elliot Smith, James and even a little touch of Damien Rice.

Basically, if you didn’t listen to me when I told you to get your sweet self over to Southpaw a week or so ago, then you were dumb. This man is talented and his music is really quite beautiful. Lyrics and melody and vocals are all meeting quite wonderfully.

Give PT Walkley a listen. Go buy some music. If you’re out and about in NYC, and he’s performing, then go along.

Neil Diamond Seal of Approval? 4.5 out of 5 Stars.


The Beach Project at Trash Bar 3/4

myspace pilfering rocks...stolen from their page.

There is something to be said for going to shows on time. There are so many little details you get to take in. Highly recommended (only when open bar is provided): SHOW UP TO SHOWS ON TIME!

I noticed the lead singer of The Beach Project earlier in the night because she was wearing hottie-for- hot-hot-pants (not that I was looking but I couldn’t help but notice). She stood next to me at the bar and asked the bartender for a water, I sensed that she was not just an overdressed patron but a LEAD SINGER and about to go on! She appeared friendly but serious, responsibly keeping a supply of H20 nearby for quenching her cords during the show but obviously not high up enough to have a manager to get her water (man I love this indie shit, it’s so real, so now, it’s so what you make of it….and she seemed to be making the best of it) or, maybe she was just getting a goddam water and I’m looking too into it? I don’t know I don’t care, I’m just saying.

I was now anxiously awaiting for her band to go on (but of course I just stood there and tried to play it cool…b/c you know I am cool…well, that’s what my mother says, anyway). Not only the hot pants but she had on what looked like some sort of self created butterfly extreme plung V neck.

Ok, now enough about the ambience and outfits, let’s get to the music. What can I say, besides ultimately lovely vocals! Peaceful, soothing their music reinforced an almost lost belief I had about of finding goodness in life. They were sharp on point electoro pop, candy shop hotness. They had a real ’80s vibe and there were touches of Kate Bush and Bjork in both her vocalisation and her theatrics. The band had the crowd into them.

Definitely a band to check out.

Neil Diamond Seal of Approval Rating? 3.75 out of 5 stars. Mr. Neil is very fastidious about his rating system.