Skin God at Trash Bar 3/4/09

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this band called Skin God. I didn’t do any advance research or cyber stalking (like I usually do for everything in my life). I was simply there b/c the bassist (Adam) is my sister’s friends roomate.

Plus there was open bar.

Open bar is always a cool thing.

Skin God were the first of 4 bands to play that night , which led me to believe that they weren’t gonna be that great. I settled in with a refreshing vodka soda with lime served by the friendly bartender and I turned to face the stage.

Their first song was an amazing electro synth piece called “PALE ” which reminded me of an Andrew Bird solo violin loop and just plain fucking rocked. Mid-way through the song both the bassist and the ultra sultry lead guitarist (Tommy) picked up bows and started slaying their guitars as if they were members in a rock and roll orchestra. It blew my mind, my body rocked to the beat and I found my heart soaring along with the peaks and valleys of the song. Tommy’s voice was also incredible, reminding me of Muse and early Radiohead. The question as to whether the place was packed because of the open bar or because they rocked was answered.

They were the draw.

I would recommend Skin God’s new EP for “making out” and also helping make sense of the pains in life that we all feel from time to time (often caused from “making out”).

Neil Diamond Seal of Approval Rating? 4 out of 5 stars.


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