Big Push at Southpaw 3/11/09

by LLI

I walked into Southpaw on Wednesday night to a half full room with a few people thrashing around in a hardcore manner on the dance floor. What was this the show I was covering? Interesting. I proceeded in because I had gotten a tip to check them out and I wanted to understand the hype.

I turned to look up at the stage and there was a Rob Zombie like man with his shirt off slaying his guitar. Whoa! He had long hair and a beard and a few tattoos and there was another guitar player to his left (stage right) playing bass. He also had his hair in his face looking down at his guitar playing some serious cords. They were playing a song that appeared to be called “Big Push”, lyrics went something like “big push! big push!” The song made me reflect on what creative song writing and performing really was as they gave the strings on their guitars big push after big hard push. Deep thoughts, big pushes, metal. Hum…? I felt like I was stepping into a private rehearsal of two mechanics getting off their shift playing some de-stressing music after a hard day of work in the garage. Private, intimate, hardcore. I kind of liked it even though I don’t usually like heavy metal because it made me think and it also helped me numb out the normal stresses of my day.

Then, I noticed a third person behind them, but he appeared to just be standing there. I proceeded up to the stage through the mosh-pit to take a closer look. What I saw when I got up there was an empty drum set and a mannequin in front of it! The drums appeared to be coming out of the mannequins ASS! Yes, his ass. Now, that’s some hot shit.

I hit up the bar for a water (come on ppl, I can’t afford to drink at every show we are in a recession you know! plus I forgot my flask) and I rocked out the rest of the set. Unfortunately, due to my day job I missed the beginning of the show which was a bit of a disappointment. I wish I had been able to hear these guys introduce themselves and rip out the cords to their first song. I definitely wanted to go check out their next show and hear more than the last two songs!

After the show I was able to catch up with Krys, the bassist and find out a little more.

Apparently, it was their first show! He and lead guitarist Richie had been practicing for months and their third “band mate” the mannequin that they called Damien came on board because they had been having problems with finding a dependable drummer. So, they recorded their beats and charged forth! They soon hope to have Damien be more than just a mannequin and plans are in the works to pimp him out with a moving head with lights etc. kind of Terminator style. So, definitely stay tuned for their next show, it’s always fun to watch a new band progress especially when they seem to have a good sense of humor a robotic mannequin drummer and great stage presence.

Neil Diamond seal of approval is a ‘go-see’ with a rating of 2.5 stars.


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